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Announcing Charcoalblue Promotions


We are delighted to announce the following promotions. Thank you for your amazing work – and congratulations!


Luca Dellatorre – Associate Director

Blue Team

Josh Loar – Blue Team Principal

Sian Thompson – EDI Coordinator

Christian Wallace – Environmental Coordinator

Charcoalblue Experience

Andrea Corbett – Associate Director

Carol Feeley – Associate Director

David Millman – Associate Director

Joe Stansfield – Associate Director

Josh Scherr – Associate Director

Michelle Gunn – Associate Director

Phil Hampton – Associate Director

Zane Beatty – Associate Director

Group Design Principals

Ben Hanson

Clemeth Abercrombie

Eric Magloire

Group Managers

Bernardo Gollo – Group Finance Manager

Catherine Jones – Group Training & Development Manager

Charlotte Kenny – Group Studios Manager

Emilie Lemons-Golding – Group Marketing Manager

Georgia Heath – Group IT Manager

Kabir Naidoo – Group HR Manager

Theatre Consulting Americas

Jerad Schomer – Director

Kate Nolan – Director

Owen Hughes – Director

Jon Sivell – Director

Theatre Consulting Australasia

Erin Shepherd – Associate Director

Theatre Consulting EMEA

Elena Giakoumaki – Director

Jenni Harris – Director

Steve Roberts – Director

Caroline Rouse – Associate Director

Graeme McGinty – Associate Director

James Nowell – Associate Director

All our Partners continue to be inspired by the incredible efforts from our amazing teams all around the world. Charcoalblue is nothing without their dedication, creativity and commitment – thank you!

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John Owens is a Charcoalblue Partner responsible for our North American practice.

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