Portrait of Max Fordham on cream background.

A note from Andy Hayles on the passing of Max Fordham

Production photo from the 2021 London production of cabaret. On the left, the emcee wearing a beige tank top and brown pants; Sally on the left in a green fur coat.

Charcoalblue transforms London’s Playhouse Theatre into Cabaret's Kit Kat Club

Massey Hall white ceiling archway details and three stained glass windows

Massey Hall in the News

Steppenwolf Exterior at dusk from the south

Praise for Steppenwolf's New In-the-Round Theatre

Jacinda Ardern in Green Jacket at Waikato Regional Theatre sod turning event

Waikato Regional Theatre Sod Turning Ceremony with Special Guest Jacinda Ardern

...If we go back to our first brief, it was for a theatre where people would feel comfortable throwing tomatoes. And we hope we’ve done that in that it’s a space that belongs to its community; it’s theirs.

Hall for Cornwall Architect Aidan Ridyard


[Hall for Cornwall] Creative Director Julian Boast said: 'We have squeezed every little bit of space we have to be able to do something new and exciting...but the new auditorium will be the beating heart of what we do.'



A $28 million restoration project will transform the crumbling [Ramova] theater into a live entertainment space, restaurant and brewery.

Block Club Chicago


Future plans for Athenaeum renovations include newly designed black box studios, working with Charcoalblue, whose hands have been all over Chicago theaters, including Steppenwolf Theater Company’s new theater...

Chicago Tribune


Streaming is working like a great long trailer for the live event. You get to see it and enjoy it from the comfort of your home but it makes you want to be there next time.

Andy Hayles, OISTAT Panel: What Makes a Successful Performing Arts Building?


The auditorium itself was remodelled with input from theatre consultants Charcoalblue to create wider seats, better legroom and improved sightlines.

Dezeen, on the Theatre Royal Drury Lane renovation




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