Eric Magloire

Eric Magloire

Design Manager

Eric promotes design excellence, encouraging innovation and collaboration across all disciplines of theatre consultancy and acoustics.


Eric joins Charcoalblue with more than a decade’s acoustics experience from specialist room acoustic design to sound isolation and noise control.

A graduate of the University of Marne la Vallée, France and a postgraduate at the University of Salford where he studied architectural acoustics, Eric was part of the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster + Partners where he pioneered research and simulation on all acoustics aspects. For over 10 years Eric worked for Sound Space Vision where he was project acoustician for national and international arts venues from conception to completion.

With a focus on simulation systems to convey acoustic principles, he has a keen interest in understanding the acoustic effects of architectural geometry and materials on audiences in performance venues.

Eric’s consultancy work with Charcoalblue includes the exciting new Waikato Regional Theatre in Hamilton, New Zealand and St Edward’s School in Oxford.

Eric takes sound measurements at The Globe in London.

Eric enjoys the performances at our Christmas party in 2017.

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

A performance space should simply produce a relationship between performers and audience where both feel deeply immersed. Visually and orally the space should bring the performers and audience together.

Eric Magloire

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2020 UK Theatre Tonic ITEAC Theatres Trust Theatre Communications Group Carbon Literate Orginisation - Silver
Eric Magloire

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