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Earth Day: Introducing Charcoalblue's 2022-23 Sustainability Report


Charcoalblue believes in the importance of contributing to countering the climate crisis by pursuing these goals:

  • We will deliver change towards environmental sustainability, assessing and improving our regenerative practice and policies in all areas within our sphere of control, for example, our own design contributions, travel, energy use and training programmes.
  • We will inspire others to challenge design practice norms and offer sustainability advice within our sphere of influence; for example with our clients and design team colleagues and within our supply chain.
  • We will advocate for environmentally sustainable practices within our sphere of interest; for example the wider performing arts and tech industries and their associated professional bodies.

Earth Day serves as a crucial annual reminder of our shared responsibility to protect our planet and address the pressing climate crisis. At Charcoalblue, we are steadfast in our commitment to taking substantive action towards sustainability, guided by our fundamental cultural principles.

Our cultural values emphasize the importance of integrity, collaboration, and innovation in achieving our sustainability objectives. By upholding these values, we're not only making a positive impact on the environment but also fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability within our organization.

Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, we are delighted to share Charcoalblue's first-ever Sustainability Report—a reflection of our ongoing journey and commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Led by our Environmental Coordinator, Christian Wallace, this report acts as our baseline emissions report for all future emission targets. We have a long way to go to achieve all of our goals but remain fully committed to complete them all.

Contained within the pages of our Sustainability Report is a detailed chronicle of our initiatives and accomplishments over the past year. From committing to net-zero targets across all our global design studios to implementing sustainable design strategies, we are beginning to align our practices with our core values.

In addition to our internal efforts, we are also committed to fostering a culture of sustainability beyond our organization. Through partnerships, collaborations, and community engagement initiatives, we are working to amplify our impact and drive positive change on a larger scale.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we would also like to spotlight our involvement in the groundbreaking Eden Project Dundee. Situated on the banks of the River Tay, this transformative venture not only reimagines an old gasworks but also embodies our core sustainability values. From repurposing existing structures to pioneering sustainable design techniques, Charcoalblue is honored to contribute to this revolutionary project. Collaborating closely with the client and design teams, we've been part of the team that has integrated innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing community engagement. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating spaces that inspire, educate, and resonate with nature, marking a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Please explore the 2022-23 Sustainability Report and learn more about our journey towards a more sustainable future - and please reach out with questions and feedback!

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Charcoalblue!

Christian Wallace

To find out more about Charcoalblue's environmental initiatives, contact Christian Wallace

+44 (0)20 7928 0000

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Christian Wallace

To find out more about Charcoalblue's environmental initiatives, contact Christian Wallace

Contact Christian

+44 (0)20 7928 0000