photo of Zoe Feezor standing against a light blue background smiling at the camera

Zoe Feezor

Program Manager

Zoe oversees and coordinates between all of the different design vendors, construction trades, and internal partners that collaborate on Experience Studio projects.

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Zoe is a collaborative and team-oriented problem solver with 7+ years of experience managing highly complex creative projects running the gamut from live theatre performance, corporate events, theme parks, themed entertainment, interactive exhibits, and Tech brand centers. Over the past 6 years, Zoe has had the opportunity to lead projects for a variety of digital clients and build a long-standing client relationship.

If you were to establish your own venue, what would you call it? …and what would happen there?

I would create a speakeasy style performance venue that gave smaller or lesser known artists a chance to shine and perform for new audiences. It would be called The Hideaway and it would offer appetizers and drinks as an incentive for folks to come in, but also sell tickets to the performances in a seating area closer to the stage. It would be highly themed, like you've wandered into a cave oasis and can forget about the outside world.

What qualities should a 'great storytelling or collaboration space’ have?

I think a great storytelling or collaboration space should prioritize the guest experience/ user journey first and foremost. It should be tailored to the types of folks who are planning to visit and experience the space, how to make them feel welcomed and like the space is for them. It should also have a consistent through line, every detail and interaction point should support the overall brand narrative/ story/ theme of the space.

What first sparked your love of performing arts, shared experiences or technology?

I grew up in Florida and went on family vacations to Disney World and other theme parks as a kid so from a very young age I fell in love with themed experiences that make you forget about the outside world, and how much joy that can bring people. As I got older, I was drawn to live theatre and the performing arts as a practitioner helping to create that magic onstage as a stage manager and I've continued to play a similar role throughout my career.

photo of Zoe Feezor standing against a light blue background, arms crossed and smiling at the camera

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