Our culture

Partners Gavin and Byron sit in the monthly partnership meeting.

We have always believed that to do amazing work you need collaborative relationships, a huge amount of passion and a curious mind.

From the start, we brought brilliant people together, each with different skills in order to solve problems. This is still key to our culture, and we make sure our projects have multi-disciplinary teams working in the smartest, most considered way. Our entire studio collaborates on the whole project which means we examine a brief from every angle, creating fresh approaches, not formulaic solutions.

“We're all from completely different professional backgrounds, meaning the array of experiences and knowledge is astounding.”

Amanda, Consultant

Our corporate social responsibility working group is called The Blue Team.

We've been supporting Tonic Theatre's event series Tonic Celebrates, which celebrates inspirational women working in theatre, since 2016.

Each month the company gets together to hold a series of forums on issues affecting the industry from the latest health and safety advice to equipment advances.

“I'm still learning every day. Every theatre, every artist, every audience member is different. An engaged and attentive conversation not only makes our work on their project stronger, it makes us stronger theatre consultants.”

Owen Hughes, Consultant

We support a number of industry events to support the next generation of practitioners including Backstage Professional Development Conference to Theatrecraft.

Each year our team attend a number of conferences around the world to stay ahead of industry advances and issues.

We've developed our own in-house training and development programme to ensure our team remains at the forefront of industry issues.

Our heritage is theatrical innovation and our passion is for creating spaces for storytelling and music making. With passion comes inspiration to add the final touches, drive to go the extra mile, and rigour to get the show on with you, no matter what.

Our work is about transformation, and so finding ways to change how we work is natural for us. We like to try new things: materials, techniques, platforms for storytelling, and we are also always evolving ourselves. Our R&D team explore the latest innovations on the market, both physical and virtual, keeping our team up to speed so we can find the smartest solution. Our natural curiosity combined with our desire to find the best possible solution means we bring a sense of the new to everything we do.

We are a partnership founded on sharing our success across our team. Striving to mirror the diversity of the organisations that we serve, and driven by a restlessness to evolve, we seek to be an exemplary employer offering opportunities to our whole team. We’re not there yet, but we have plans for consistent improvement from boardroom to drawing board

The Blue Team

The Blue Team is the social conscience of our company. A working group drawn from across our six studios it ensures we practice corporate social responsibility in everything we do. Our commitment includes contributing a portion of our collective time, skills and profit to support causes, companies and organisations in all areas of the theatre industry. We believe it is our responsibility as a socially conscious company to carry out this work and give back to the industry, so that it continues to be as successful as ever.

We recognise that it’s not always straightforward to make choices about which projects to participate in, who we should work for, how we should best spend our time, and how we should use the planet’s limited resources. To help keep ourselves accountable to our core values, we have written them down in a document we call our Global Statement of Values. We are openly sharing our GSV because we hope to seek out like-minded clients and collaborators.

The Global Statement of Values explains our cultural and social values and summarises our policies and procedures. We welcome open dialogue as we continue to evolve and learn.

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

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