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Yaya Zhou

Senior Creative Consultant

Yaya drives the creative process in experiential design development, translating business and client needs into inspiring storytelling, and acts as a creative guardrail to deliver holistic and cohesive solutions for exhibits, activations, and guest experiences across the Charcoalblue Experience client portfolio.

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Yaya is a multi-faceted creator that passionate about human-centric design and delivering exceptional experiences. She has an educational background in architecture and started her career as the first employee and creative in the hyperloop-making startup. She was part of the initial team that brought this vision of advanced sustainable mobility to life. Yaya specializes in translating business needs into design solutions and turning blue-sky ideas into tangible plans. She drives experience-driven design for both physical build and digital products, in the field of architecture, mobility, product, exhibition, digital experiences, brand, and visual communications. Recently, Yaya joined the Charcoalblue Experience team as Senior Creative Consultant.

Before joining Charcoalblue, Yaya completes the initial design profile and brand experience including hyperloop systems such as stations, capsules, urban infrastructure, brand visual communication, exhibitions and events, and app or web-based digital products including virtual experiences.

If you were to establish your own venue, what would you call it?


…and how what would happen there?

A place that collects the seem-like-impossible attempts in human history that capture the adventurous spirit, from the Age of Discovery to today’s migration to Mars. The storytelling can be presented in a kid-museum way with full-scale mockups and interactive displays. It could be in an open park and a great hang-out spot for kids and adults, that reminds us to dream wild and that dream can land on the moon one day.

What qualities should a 'great storytelling or collaboration space’ have?

The space must function well to meet the intended needs, especially with lighting, air, and sound. It’s a seamless and integrated environment that could inspire and bring wonder. It can be immersive or interactive based on the needs and to connect people through the shared extraordinary experience.

What first sparked your love of performing arts, shared experiences or technology?

I have always loved to go to museums since I was a kid. There is a newly built Science & Technology Museum next to where I grew up and I would spend days there. It always felt like teleporting into another world and I was experiencing the same magic with everyone in the same space. I have always remembered this ‘amazed’ feeling and developed a passion for building experience-driven spaces.

Yaya Zhou

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