Kathryn Nolan

Kathryn Nolan


Kathryn provides consultancy in all aspects of theatre design, specializing in auditorium design, and leadership in the Americas Theatre Consultancy practice.




Kathryn has been with Charcoalblue for seven years after joining Charcoalblue as the first recipient of the Design Internship, awarded after her graduation from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She studied Theatre and Performance Design, including costume and lighting, and specializing in set design. Kathryn’s theatre credits include Set Designer of Hay Fever directed by Stefan Escreet, LIPA, 2015, where The Public Review described her talent as “one of the best sets seen at the drama school – her drawing room box set is full of detail and provides the perfect backdrop for Escreet’s energetic production.”

Kathryn became a full-time member of the team in 2016, and in 2018 she moved to our New York studio. In May 2022 she became a Director for Theatre Consultancy

She played a pivotal role in the company’s corporate social responsibility as the founder of our CSR working group, The Blue Team, in 2017.Kathryn led Charcoalblue’s CSR initiatives until 2022, where it has now become a core value of Charcoalblue.

Kathryn and Peter discuss a technical drawing.

Kathryn, Emma and Simon take part in “Designing Performances: Against the Clock” at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Kathryn's set design for Hayfever, LIPA, 2015.

Kathryn working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Kathryn leading a discussion with The Blue Team.

Kathryn leading a theatre design seminar at Lewisham College, 2016.

Kathryn and Elina host our booth at Theatrecraft, 2016.

Kathryn accepts her degree from Sir Paul McCartney.

What's the greatest lesson you've learnt as a Theatre Consultant?

Listen, collaborate and most importantly keep learning!

What first sparked your love of theatre or performing arts?

I was passionate about theatre from a young age, from performing at school and studying theatre at A level – I always wanted to somehow link this passion with my love for art. Training in set design allowed me to do just that and discovering the ability to imagine and bring worlds to life.

Now working in consultancy the magic really comes in seeing the theatre not only shine for the shows themselves but for the staff, performers and audience that make the building come alive on a day to day basis. Working with people with such a range of skills and talent in this industry inspires you to design and imagine the best you can every day!

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

Providing a unique setting that inspires and excites the audience and the performers – creating a combined energy however the auditorium is configured.

You lead Charcoalblue’s CSR initiative, The Blue Team, what prompted you to establish the group?

Our work is all about people – designing for those who experience theatre in every way. It was important to realise the unique position in the industry Charcoalblue sits in – where we can use our work to give back and in turn inspire others to do the same.

Creating a formalised structure and team within Charcoalblue ensures we achieve our aims of making the theatre industry the best it can be. We want to include all, impact our environment and inspire the next generation!

Kathryn Nolan

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2020 UK Theatre Tonic ITEAC Theatres Trust Theatre Communications Group Carbon Literate Orginisation - Silver
Kathryn Nolan

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