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Take a look inside London's 'glisteningly new and up-to-date' Kiln Theatre


Through a series of new images by architectural photographer Philip Vile, we take a tour of the newly reopened Kiln Theatre in Kilburn, London.

The Kiln Theatre on London’s Kilburn High Road (previously known as Tricycle Theatre) has been a centre for diverse, experimental productions since the 1980s. The unique footprint of the theatre sees it nestled inconspicuously between smaller shop fronts but expanding out behind the street façade to adjoin the Cinema at the rear.

“I’ve seen refurbishments elsewhere that have crassly banished the venue’s ghosts… this splendid revamp is much too sensitive to be guilty of that.”

The Independent

“the newly refurbished, rechristened building is beautiful.”

The Stage

The auditorium

The new theatre takes a courtyard form, developing the 235-seat Georgian styling of the old Tricycle, with the two-level auditorium surrounding a seating pit, maintaining the intimacy whilst increasing the capacity to 294 seats. The theatre volume has been expanded to inhabit the majority of Forester’s Hall, pulling the auditorium out to the external walls and dropping the stalls entrance level to the existing floor slab. This key move has meant that the new auditorium has become an accessible space for the modern era with level accessible access to stalls.

The room can transform from the standard end-on format to extended endstage, cabaret, in-the round, traverse and promenade configurations and more; all with differing sized stages and seat counts and all supported by the new technical provisions.



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Philip Vile

Nicholas Smith

For more on the Kiln and our recent projects, speak to Nicholas.

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Nicholas Smith

For more on the Kiln and our recent projects, speak to Nicholas.

Contact Nicholas

+44 (0)20 7928 0000