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Charcoalblue introduces Environmental Impact Pledge 2021


As a global design consultancy, our work spans across Theatre, Acoustic and Digital projects. Through this work we are recognised as innovators within the visual, performing arts and architectural community. Our influence does not stop there. Through the many projects we touch, we strive to be environmental innovators for the planet we care so much about.

Charcoalblue is committed to supporting and influencing cultural organisations and design teams to minimise our collective environmental impact. We pledge to embed environmental awareness in our design work, client relationships and everyday working practices to ensure that we minimise impact and create sustainable ways of supporting the cultural sector long into the future.

We are strong believers that the little everyday choices and big long-term design decisions are equally important in driving a better future for all. So let’s work together, promote positive change and embrace innovation to start making a difference.

Smart Sustainable Design

Through our approach to projects, we help clients understand how design decisions can reduce environmental impact through the adoption of passive techniques, optimising building orientation, embedding future flexibility, construction material choices, energy management, waste management and travel and transport opportunities. Our projects strive to meet the gold standards of sustainability around the world – and we encourage this commitment. We are uniquely placed to help influence approaches and promote good design.

We have recently worked with Liverpool University on creating a study on the Embodied Carbon of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.

The final study is available to view here

Global Sustainable Studios

As an experiment, Charcoalblue has been working as a distributed working practice—part driven by the pandemic, part by a desire to improve work/life balance and reduce travel. Our studios will remain central to our collaborative approach. As we reopen the studios, we are working towards ensuring they comply with the local environmental standards and infrastructure. Sustainable practice includes everything from operating paperless offices to minimising packaging, reducing energy consumption, prioritising video conferencing over long-haul travel, and encouraging public transport and cycling.

Our pledge is to do our best in all aspects of interaction with our local environment to make a global impact.

Digital Integration

Since well before the pandemic, we operated as a global organisation communicating everyday via video conferencing, successfully ensuring collaboration and innovation was translated across Charcoalblue studios. This practice continues and is being fine-tuned to support our clients and designers around the world. We pledge to communicate whenever possible in an environmentally conscious way and our expertise in digital communications ensure this is delivered to the highest standard.

We aspire to be global leaders in conference room design, and we pledge to ensure all our projects benefit from this knowledge.

Christian Wallace

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Christian Wallace

If you'd like to chat more about our environmental work, speak to Christian

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+44 (0)20 7928 0000