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World Vegetarian Day - The Charcoalblue Cookbook: Plant-Based Edition


To celebrate World Vegetarian Day 2022, Charcoalblue are delighted to launch the Charcoalblue Cookbook: Plant-Based Edition!

Charcoalblue staff across the globe have contributed their favourite plant-based recipes to build a cookbook for everyone to enjoy, pieced together by Christian Wallace, Senior Consultant and Environmental Coordinator; Josh Loar, Senior Consultant and leader of The Blue Team; and the Environmental Impact Team. The Blue Team is a working group of volunteers drawn from across our six studios to oversee our corporate social responsibility efforts. Learn more about our social responsibility here.

The meat and dairy industry accounts for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A combination of direct emissions from cows and sheep (amongst other meats), land use and deforestation plus a small amount from packaging and transport account for this large amount of emissions. Reducing our meat and dairy consumption even by 1 day a week can see a meaningful difference.

Check out the Plant-Based Cookbook here!

We hope that by seeing all of these fantastic plant-based meals you will be encouraged to try them out for yourselves and explore the wonderful world of plant-based food.

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