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Earth Day 2022: Carbon Literacy


Earth Day is a vital annual reminder of the work that the global community needs to tackle in order to save our planet. Promoting sustainability is a core tenant of our ethos, and here at Charcoalblue we value Earth Day as a regular check point that encourages us to evaluate the work we’ve done and set goals for the works that lies ahead.

Last year on Earth Day, we launched our Environmental Impact Pledge. We promised to uphold our commitment to work on sustainability in our practice and our culture. For this year's Earth Day we're honouring the 2022 theme 'Invest In Our Planet' by focusing on our Carbon Literacy Training program. Our team now has five fully accredited Carbon Literate staff, and we're rolling out the training for our growing global team.

On Friday, we will be launching the first part of the Carbon Literacy Training for the whole, international company, a specific website that we have for created for the Charcoalblue team that offers a thorough review of the science and facts of the climate crisis. The first course covers the scientific information needed to understand our impact on climate, following this, a second interactive session hosted by our Carbon Literate team members to focus on how we can apply this knowledge to our working practices globally. This will also prepare those who would like to pursue the full accreditation.

To celebrate practicing sustainable living, we’ll also be hosting Earth Day forums for our team all around the planet dedicated to this year’s theme, with groups discussing "How can we as individuals Invest In Our Planet?" Our aim is share and encourage sustainable habits that individuals can develop collectively to enact positive change on a larger scale.

We will be sharing some of thoughts and examples on sustainable practices on our social media channels (follow below!), hoping to inspire a few more people to #InvestInOurPlanet!

Happy Earth Day 2022, world 🌍

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