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Charcoalblue wins Queen's Award for Enterprise


Charcoalblue has been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition for its excellence in International Trade, 2020.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is now in its 54th year and is the most prestigious business award in the UK. The awards celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses who lead the way with pioneering products or services, deliver impressive social mobility programmes or show their commitment to excellent sustainable development practices.

The Queen’s Award recognises Charcoalblue’s outstanding success in translating its British-born innovative approach to specialised theatre design and transferring it to a diverse and wide range of international cultural buildings and venues. Charcoalblue was established in the heart of the UK theatre industry in 2004 and today operates a collaborative team across six international studios in the UK, USA and Australia, delivering projects to every corner of the globe.

Group Chair, Andy Hayles, says that the award has been received with deep gratitude and represents extraordinary inspiration at an unprecedented time.

“Starting from a borrowed desk in a mate’s office 15 years ago, to six international studios today, our design work has led us on adventures in some of the greatest world cities. This award is a tribute to our clients’ pioneering, relentless devotion to their audiences and communities wherever they are in the world, and a salute to our talented teams of designers in the UK, USA and Australia,” says Hayles.

“Therefore, we dedicate this award to our clients and collaborators, and, in this difficult time, also to those currently working on the medical frontlines, which includes a number of Charcoalblue’s extended family. Thank you for all you are doing in our international communities wherever you are. When we all come out of this, we and our clients will be ready to open our doors, raise curtains, create new and revitalised spaces that are safe for us all to come together once again.”

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“This award is a tribute to our clients’ pioneering, relentless devotion to their audiences and communities wherever they are in the world”

Andy Hayles, Group Chair

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

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John Owens is a Charcoalblue Partner responsible for our North American practice.

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