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Charcoalblue's Global Statement of Values


Charcoalblue is sharing for the first time a comprehensive document of mission, cultural values, social values, EDI and environmental sustainability goals, and our professional standards. We call this our Global Statement of Values.

“Our GSV is an original document written by the talented and socially conscious team members of Charcoalblue. A working group representing all our skills, roles, and geographies has created something we’re proud to share. We’re already referencing the document to each other and challenging our team to create new and better ways of working that are true to our ideals.”

Byron Harrison, Partner, GSV Working Group Leader

Charcoalblue aims to make contributions to a more equitable, more connected, more compassionate, more enriched, and more sustainable world. It is not always clear how to move forward towards these ideals as we contend with competing priorities, evolving attitudes, regional and local sensitivities, and a gauntlet of national and international crises. To keep ourselves accountable to our core values, we’ve written them down.

We are sharing this working document openly as we hope to seek out clients and projects that resonate with this approach. While we don’t want our values to be negotiable, we also want to be open to evolution and change. We invite dialogue from our clients and collaborators on these issues.

“I always want to be able to stand behind my own work and know that I’m contributing to a better world, in way I’m proud of. Our GSV helps me be confident that the whole organisation shares that commitment.”

Becky Daley, Theatre Consultant – EMEA Region and GSV Working Group

I am so proud of our team’s work in creating this important document and am committed to guiding our day-to-day operations in its spirit.

Andy Hayles, Managing Partner

You can download the Charcoalblue Global Statement of Values here or from the “Our Culture” section of our website.

“We all come with baggage; some of it’s our own and some of it is inherited. Especially in recognising and addressing structural inequalities, we haven’t always gotten things right. While we have no authority over business morals, we do want to push ourselves and our industry forward in a compassionate way.”

David Millman, Associate Director CBX and GSV Working Group

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