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RIBA Journal Rising Star Award


Charcoalblue are thrilled to announce that Oliver Beetschen has won RIBA Journal's Rising Star award! Very well deserved Oli!

"The Rising Stars are leading architecture into areas beyond the traditional boundaries of the building contract. They are pushing material innovation into building products, using design for manufacture with a clear logic and strong design thinking, and working through the impact of artificial intelligence.

But these are not just technocratic problem-solvers. Everything they do is underpinned by community, their peers, colleagues and the people beyond, whose needs drive the projects.

The final word should go to judge Lucy Clark: ‘The agility of thinking and creative response is coming through in some wonderful, quality work.’"

Eleanor Young, editor, RIBA Journal

“At Charcoalblue I work with a team of brilliant designers who also remain dedicated to fostering close collaboration and innovation, with a particular emphasis on injecting fun and experimentation into the solutions we devise to tackle the industry's most pressing challenges. And perhaps with the recent RAAC crisis, it is more important than ever to ensure we radically tackle the sustainable regeneration, refurbishment, and ongoing maintenance of our aging civic building stock - creating well designed spaces in our communities which bring people together.”

Oliver Beetschen, Theatre Consultant, Charcoalblue

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