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Charcoalblue is a Bronze Accredited Carbon Literate Organization


We’re proud to announce that Charcoalblue is officially a Bronze Accredited Carbon Literate Organisation acknowledged by The Carbon Literacy Project.

Carbon Literacy is important climate change learning that motivates action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Charcoalblue has taken on the initiative, provided by The Carbon Literacy Project, which works to provide access to this learning to everyone and is expanding rapidly across the UK and beyond.

We as an organisation understand how our work may impact climate change and have acquired the knowledge and skills to teach our people at Charcoalblue how to lower our carbon footprint as individuals and as a company through Carbon Literacy training workshops offered to all members of the team.

"Truly informative and enlightening, really outlined how we as individuals and as a larger whole can help curb the climate crisis and effect meaningful change."

- Caroline Andrew, Theatre Consultant Americas

“I can't recommend the Carbon Literacy training strongly enough! Climate change is arguably the most important world issue of our time and the training provided a brilliant overview of the situation along with practical examples of what we can do as individuals, a company and a society to save our planet.”

- Jamie McIntyre, Theatre Consultant EMEA

Click here to learn more about The Carbon Literacy Project and see what kind of positive impact you can make.

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John Owens is a Charcoalblue Partner responsible for our North American practice.

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