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The Architects' Journal's David Knight on the need for buildings like Sidcup's Storyteller


We are delighted to have been credited for our acoustic consultancy work in David Knight's wonderful article on the Sidcup Storyteller building. Knight writes graciously on the intelligence and generosity of the building's design. Specifically, how the design achieves the opposing ideals of meeting the contemporary needs of its local community while preserving the community's unique identity and allowing its diverse culture to flourish.

“I am immensely proud of Charcoalblue’s work on Storyteller, under the visionary leadership of DRDH. This project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful acoustic design in transforming spaces and enriching communities.”

Luca Dellatorre - Acoustic Designer at Charcoalblue

Photograph by David Grandorge

The Storyteller project, initiated in 2018, is located on the site of a former Blockbuster video rental shop. Charcoalblue has been involved from the start as acoustics consultants.

This distinctive multi-use building combines cinemas, a library, a café' and housing, all designed to coexist within a new structure on a long, narrow urban plot. The challenge was to design these spaces, especially the loud cinemas, in close proximity to noise-sensitive areas like bedrooms and the library. This required the careful integration of effective acoustic solutions to ensure functional coexistence while minimizing noise-related disturbances.

The Storyteller building aims to enhance Sidcup's cultural offerings and provide much-needed affordable housing. Charcoalblue has collaborated with DRDH architects from the early stages of the project, focusing on the acoustic requirements in terms of space planning and budgeting. This collaboration has been crucial for integrating these requirements and achieving successful performance.

Charcoalblue is honoured to be part of a project that DRDH won through a competition under the ADUP 2 London Mayor’s Architectural Framework. ADUP is a Mayor of London initiative which scope was to promote ‘quality architecture, public realm, urban regeneration, and sustainable development’ in the capital.

Luca Dellatorre

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Luca Dellatorre

To chat more about our work on Storyteller, speak with Luca

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