Theatre Consulting

The new Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House. Image: Hufton+Crow.

We know how to design and deliver performance spaces of all sizes and types, how to make them into places where people want to perform and where audiences want to be. From the initial concept, designing or redesigning a space with us is always a flexible and collaborative process. We can advise and guide, help sketch out ideas and work out what is possible (and inspire new possibilities too). We can organise reseating, refurbishment, planning permission and project management, acoustic and auditorium design as well as technical and digital design. We are practiced at making the most of existing buildings, as well as creating entirely new ones. We are right there with our clients from the first napkin sketch through to opening night.


  • Auditorium concept, options and detailed design
  • Seating design and sightline studies
  • Building-wide strategic planning including critical structural, mechanical and electrical advice
  • Technical design, including stage engineering, stage lighting and audio-visual systems
  • Witness-test, commission and sign off theatre systems, and attend first night party!
Dorfman theatre interior

The team behind the Dorfman Theatre discuss the project

“It is great to have Charcoalblue on the team - people who speak our language and are able to communicate that so effectively to the main contractor.”

Paula Gillespie, Acting Theatre Director, The Marlowe Theatre

Simon, Jake, Sam, Liz and Owen from our talented Technical Systems design team.

Gavin and Elina discuss a model of The Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House.

“Working with Charcoalblue is a joy. They bring a wealth of experience in creating exciting theatre spaces and are generous and fluid collaborators.”

Martha Lavey, Artistic Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company

The team discuss finishes for Singapore's Esplanade Theatre.

The team discuss a technical drawing for Le Théâtre Elisabéthain au Château D'Hardelot.

Tina, Kathryn, Gary, Lee, Elina and Gavin from our theatre design team get together for a photo.

Gavin and Andy inspect a prototype of the Everyman Theatre chair.

Erin, Eric, Holly, James and Matt from our Stage Engineering team pose for a photo.

Andy Hayles

Speak to Andy about theatre consultancy.

+44 (0)20 7928 0000

Andy Hayles

Speak to Andy about theatre consultancy.

Contact Andy

+44 (0)20 7928 0000