Center Stage auditorium

Acoustic Design

The auditorium at Baltimore Center Stage (photo: Peter Hegeman).

Sound plays a huge role in shaping our experiences and our understanding of places. Creative solutions to acoustic problems require an in-depth understanding of the science of sound balanced alongside the building structure, ventilation, facade, interiors and environment. We love designing rooms and systems which combine architecture, performance and construction into coherent concepts that sound brilliant, look great, and can be built cost efficiently.


  • Room acoustic testing, analysis, design and specification
  • Acoustic testing and evaluation of existing spaces
  • Variable acoustic design and integration
  • Computer-aided acoustic modelling and auralisations
  • Sound separation design and detailing
  • Building acoustic measurements
  • Sound separation and background noise demonstrations
  • Noise and vibration control of building systems
  • Acoustic design for sustainable design ratings and assessment
  • Environmental noise surveys and site assessment

“We have been absolutely delighted with the work from Charcoalblue. There is no doubt in my mind that without their creativity, expertise and knowledge we would not have produced the design we now have.”

Paul McKeown, Bursar and Clerk to the Governors, The Leys School, Cambridge

Some of our Acoustics team gather to discuss a project.

A sound study model for Steppenwolf theatre.

Bruno, Byron, Eric and Luca from our Acoustics team gather for a photo.

Vangelis performs a sound study at St. George's Bristol.

Byron makes notes on an acoustic drawing.

Luca leads a design forum on the issue of hearing loss.

Byron Harrison

Talk to Byron about our acoustic services.

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Byron Harrison

Talk to Byron about our acoustic services.

Contact Byron

+44 (0)20 7928 0000