Hudson Theatre

New York, NY, USA

Following a long and diverse history, the renovation of the Hudson brings Broadway’s oldest theatre back to life.

Built by famed Broadway producer Henry Harris in 1903, the theatre passed to his wife Renee following his death on the RMS Titanic, making her the only female producer-manager in the city at that time.

The Hudson auditorium in 1904

The building stood out for its innovative use of diffused light, a triple-domed ceiling and uncommonly large foyer. Over the proceeding decades the theatre operated as a radio station for CBS until being transformed by NBC into a television studio, at one point hosting The Tonight Show. Following another brief period as a theatre in the 1970s, it went on to become a movie house, rock club and most recently a conference centre for the neighbouring Millennium Broadway hotel.

“The changes that had been made over the years didn’t measure up to the grandeur of the space. Now you look at the theatre and it feels whole again.”

Erich Jungwirth, ATG Project Manager

The theatre was carefully restored.

The theatre was carefully restored.

Following an agreement between Ambassador Theatre Group and Millennium Hotels, Hudson Theatre has been restored and brought back to life. The renovation included installation of new patron amenities and lounges including almost 100ft of foyer space, new audience seating throughout the auditorium, and all new stage engineering systems in the stage house.

The renovation included replacing the late 20th-century seating, increasing the seat count from its previous 699 to 970. Outdated and substandard equipment in the stagehouse was removed and replaced with modern equipment designed to perform at the level of quality expected of Broadway performance.

The Hudson possesses a natural acoustic that is highly conducive to the intimacy we strive to achieve in a playhouse. A key part of the brief was to understand the performance the auditorium and stagehouse provides and ensure the renovated theatre provides the same level of quality.

In 2016, a year before its reopening, the Hudson was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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