Sarah Foxlee

Sarah Foxlee

Training and Development Coordinator

Sarah manages the overall training and development of our team across its worldwide offices and supports the induction and training of new staff

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Sarah has worked in education, training and development for the past ten years. Prior to joining Charcoalblue, she worked in UCL’s Entrepreneurship Team supporting students and staff to set up their own businesses through lectures, masterclasses, projects and development programmes; co-creating the evening event ‘BaseLates’ and delivering the largest CPD tech event in Europe - Google DevFest.

Before joining UCL, Sarah worked at the Royal Opera House, managing their work experience programme for 162 young people, rolling out their management development programme and coordinating the training of their 1,000 staff. She previously worked in the Royal Opera House’s Learning Department project managing their National Learning Strategy.

Sarah has had roles for Arts Council England supporting leadership development within the Cultural Leadership Programme, worked as a teacher in inner-city London and held positions at the Cabinet War Rooms, Imperial War Museum, and National Gallery.

Sarah takes part in Google DevFest, the largest developer festival in Europe, at UCL.

Sarah takes part in Google DevFest's Coaches for Women in Tech.

Sarah graduating from her coaching training. She is now working towards her accreditation.

Sarah holds a meeting with a team member.

What first sparked your love of theatre or performing arts?

I’ve always loved working in a theatre and the new experiences you have everyday – walking into the Staff and Artists Café and everyone’s dressed as if they’re from World War I, or finding tiny volcanoes when you exit the lift of the Linbury, getting into the lift with ballerina swans – no two days were the same at the Royal Opera House!

You’ve worked a lot with young people and helping them get into careers in the arts, what advice would you give those hoping to make their first steps into a creative career?

I talked to the Young Professionals in the Arts (YPA) – New York on exactly that. I said be tenacious, resilient, network as much as you can and if there’s anything you can do to be a little bit braver and bolder while pursuing your dream career, do it!

If you could wake up with a brand-new skill tomorrow, what would it be?

Speed reading would be tremendously helpful, I hear there’s a TED talk for that!

Sarah Foxlee
Sarah Foxlee

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