Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith

Marketing Coordinator

Nicholas oversees Charcoalblue's communications and PR in addition to sponsorships, graphics and event production.

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Nicholas has worked in the marketing and communications industry for the past ten years with a focus on design and the built environment.

An alum of the University of the Arts, Nicholas has written for The Times, Evening Standard and spent two years at Dazed magazine as Incoming Writer.

Nicholas joined Charcoalblue following roles at Luke Hughes, Radley + Co and the British Fashion Council. In his spare time, he is a Trustee and Coordinator of the Community Engagement and Fundraising team at Switchboard, the national LGBT+ helpline and is Brand Manager of the annual Women Over Fifty Film Festival.

Nicholas works on the latest edition of our practice profile

A copy of our 'How to be a Theatre Consultant' booklet being read at the Backstage Professional Development Conference

Nicholas, Kathryn and Amanda enjoy the annual Fireworks Night display at London's Alexandra Palace

Tasos, Elina, Nicholas and Tina enjoy the Christmas Party, 2017

What first sparked your love of theatre or performing arts?

It would have to be my turn as Noah Claypole in the Harlow Playhouse's production of Oliver! Tragically it quickly became evident I could neither act nor sing and was hastily recast as Orphan no. 28

If you were to establish your own venue, what would you call it?

The Rooftop - an open-air venue making use of some of the neglected rooftops in London. I'm sure it would keep the acoustics team very busy.

… and what would that venue specialise in? Dance, live music, theatre…?

Personally, I'm a big fan of stand up comedy and many comedy clubs are relegated to near tube-line depths. Let's put them up high and broadcast some laughs across the city.

Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith

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