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Flip Tanner

Senior Consultant

Flip specialises in theatre planning and consults on all aspects of theatre design, project and design management.


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Flip has nearly thirty years of theatre design experience including two decades with the Royal Shakespeare Company culminating as project coordinator for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s transformation project.

His previous roles include Theatre Planner, Stage Manager, Videographer and Technical Director and he has worked with designers and directors including Katie Mitchell, Sir Peter Hall and Michael Boyd. Prior to joining Charcoalblue in 2016 Flip spent five years with Fisher Dachs Associates.

Flip’s consultancy work with Charcoalblue includes the Octagon Theatre in Bolton, Hall for Cornwall in Truro and W!ld Rice in Singapore.

What's the greatest lesson you've learnt as a Theatre Consultant?

You are often working with clients who are probably doing the most important work in their career to date. It’s a privilege that they chose to share that journey with you.

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

Like your favourite coat, that it’s good for a wedding or a funeral and that it gets threadbare over time merely adds to its charm.

Flip Tanner


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