Charlotte Kenny

Charlotte Kenny

Administrative Assistant

Charlotte provides administrative management to the Melbourne Studio Principal and acts as the core liaison between the UK and Australian offices.

+61 (03) 9417 6524


Charlotte has been working in the creative industry since the completion of her degree in Fine Art from Monash University, including roles with the production team at a boutique jewellery label, and Melbourne Art Fair 602.

Most recently she provided support to Brightspace Gallery in Melbourne, where she worked with the artists and curators to transform the gallery from one exhibition to the next, and hosted the events and performances for the shows.

She has also been volunteering for their charity Artists for Kids’ Culture, providing disadvantaged children the opportunity to participate in the arts, including music and theatre.

Erin, Charlotte and Eric visit the London studio.

Charlotte, Eric, John, Paul and Erin enjoy our Christmas party in 2017.

If you were to establish your own venue, what would you call it?

The Stepping Stone

… and what would that venue specialise in? Dance, live music, theatre…?

Anything for emerging creatives - Directors, writers, actors, students and their grad projects… anyone who needs an opportunity to get a foot in the door.

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

I think character and flexibility- the ability for a space to host an array of acts and their audience, but also maintain its individuality and be able to feel how that manifests with each transformation.

Charlotte Kenny
Charlotte Kenny

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