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We are delighted to join our colleagues at Massey Hall and KPMB Architects in celebrating the completion of the historic Massey Hall in Toronto, which opened on November 25, 2021 with a performance by Canadian music star Gordon Lightfoot. For more information about the project, visit our Massey Hall Case Study page. To read about Massey Hall in the news, scroll down.

“The edges of the floor now have a terrace of seats accessed by a level and fully accessible passageway, cooked up by Charcoalblue.”

The Globe and Mail

Massey Hall's white ceiling with its iconic Moorish-style archway details and three stained glass windows

“The goal of the renovation for Massey Hall itself was to fix any structural issues — and longstanding deficiencies such as the limited public bathrooms available — while preserving the ambience and acoustics that turned the 2,800 seat venue into an intimate space, and that so many musicians have come to love about the hall over the years.”

Ludwig Van Toronto

A Massey Hall wooden seat with metal arm rest and red velvet seat pad

“...the most important element is the music and the most nervous of observers the musicians who have played the hall. [Lead architect Marianne] McKenna said she heard pleas from the likes of Massey veterans Neil Young and Jim Cuddy not to “mess with it, just fix the things that don’t work.””

Toronto Star

Image of massey hall auditorium from balcony, with red seats and ceiling of white arches

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