Sarah Hazelgrove

Sarah Hazelgrove


Sarah consults on Digital and Lighting design, as well as developing Charcoalblue’s R&D and technology led projects.

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Sarah is an experienced lighting and video designer whose work has taken her to some of the most exciting venues in the UK. She is an integral part of our digital team working across a range of R&D and technology led projects. She has created virtual reality demonstrations for clients including Waikato Regional Theatre and Sadlers Wells East and has growing expertise in the use of immersive video for performance.

Prior to joining us, Sarah’s work in theatre lighting design for productions such as Women Beware Women at the Camden People’s Theatre and The Lost Boy at Pleasance Islington. As a Video Assistant Sarah worked on Die Zauberflute at Garsington Opera and Midsummer Night’s Dream at Aldeburgh Music Festival.

What first sparked your love of theatre?

From a very young age, I was taken by my mother to the Southampton Mayflower to see pretty much anything that was on there, including panto every year. It’s a really magical space that I remember fondly. Funny coincidence since we just re-did it!

What qualities should a great performance or presentation space have?

Theatre is ultimately a very unique experience – whilst it comes in many forms, other entertainment mediums can capture that same feeling that good theatre produces. A theatre is not just a building where shows happen, a theatre informs and is the larger part of that experience. Any good theatre adds to that unique experience.

How do you feel digital functionality will change performance in the future?

Theatre largely hasn’t changed for a very long time. The base concept is still the same, and new forms of technology and thought only add to the experience and improve it in some way. New forms of theatre do emerge that revolve around a new type of technology but it will never replace the core of live theatre.

Sarah Hazelgrove

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2020 UK Theatre Tonic ITEAC Theatres Trust Theatre Communications Group Carbon Literate Orginisation - Silver
Sarah Hazelgrove

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