Joe Boxshall

Joe Boxshall

Senior Consultant

Joe consults on all aspects of theatre and presentation space design with a specialism in video and audio design.

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Joe joined Charcoalblue having had nine years’ experience in the theatre and events industries. Whilst mainly working in the field of sound and video design and engineering, he also has a background in lighting design and production management.

Joe previously worked as a freelance technician and production manager, specialising in sound and video. He has worked extensively with contemporary dance company ‘Protein Dance’, as a Production Manager and Sound Engineer for the international tour of ‘LOL- Lots of Love’ and the national tour and subsequent BBC broadcast of ‘Border Tales’.

Joe has also worked for many other theatre and dance companies both in the UK and internationally with considerable experience as a Theatre Technician.

His consultancy work with Charcoalblue includes Perth Theatre in Scotland, the Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House and London’s Theatre Peckham.

Joe and the London studio gather for a photo, Summer2017.

Joe, James and Jenni getting into the festive spirit at the 2017 Christmas Party.

What's the greatest lesson you've learnt as a Theatre Consultant?

Expect the unexpected. These projects always have a lot of twists and turns with things changing all the time, so you need to be ready to roll with it.

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

It should always feel like something exciting is about to happen, even if it’s empty.

If you could recommend visitors to London experience one thing, what would it be?

If the weather is good, go to the top of Greenwich park and enjoy the views over London, then walk to the river and catch the boat into the city and have a drink on the Southbank by the river.

Joe Boxshall


The redevelopment will modernize the theatre spaces in the Wharf 1 and 2 building with flexible seating.

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The new "world-class" Waikato regional theatre will transform and regenerate the heart of Hamilton.


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Joe Boxshall

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