photo of Emilie Lemons Golding standing against a light blue background smiling at the camera

Emilie Lemons Golding

Group Marketing & Business Development Manager

Emilie is responsible for marketing and business development across the Charcoalblue Group, leading and implementing our marketing, communications, PR and BD strategy as the Group grows internationally.

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Before joining Charcoalblue, Emilie spent her 18-year career working almost exclusively for architects in marketing and support functions. Practices include Foster+Partners, Allies and Morrison, and Conran & Partners. Emilie’s marketing agency LemonsLee also allowed her to consult for a more diverse group of clients, working with them on everything from business development strategy to one-off events, bespoke collateral or rebrands.

As Editor of Glass Magazine’s online Architecture section, Emilie enjoyed the opportunity to travel the world extensively, contributing pieces on design, travel and art.

Emilie’s most recent role as an Associate, leading marketing for SOM in EMEA, saw her contribute to the practice winning a number of high-profile projects, including the UN’s Strategic Heritage Plan, in Geneva, and Karlatornet, Scandinavia’s tallest building.

What qualities should a 'great performance space' have?

A great performance space should be a little bit like Madonna! Constantly transforming, experimenting, and renewing; whilst always remaining familiar and true to its heart.

What first sparked your love of theatre or performing arts?

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a bit of a show off and my friends like to rib me whenever I casually mention that ‘I used to sing in a band’ (twenty years ago..) or that I played the lead in most of the school plays! Turns out I peaked too soon and these days I’m much more likely to be found on the other side of the stage, moved to tears by some obscure soul singer or dancing irreverently at a music festival.

photo of Emilie Lemons Golding standing against a light blue background smiling at the camera

Supporting the industry internationally since 2004

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2020 UK Theatre Tonic ITEAC Theatres Trust Theatre Communications Group Carbon Literate Orginisation - Silver
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