Clark Henry-Brown is a Charcoalblue consultant on theatre design, specialising in audiovisual visual systems

Clark Henry-Brown


Clark consults on theatre design, specialising in audio visual systems.

+44 (0)207 928 0000

Having gained diverse technical experience working in recording studios, theatres and museums over the previous decade, Clark joined Charcoalblue in 2021 and specialises in audio visual systems as a theatre consultant.

He has gained a wide knowledge of technical systems working as a technician, sound and video designer, and manager at a number of large institutions such as the University of West London, the British Library and the National Theatre. Prior to joining Charcoalblue, Clark managed the AV team at the British Museum where he led several projects improving the lecture theatres, exhibition control systems, digital signage, meeting rooms and the Museum’s venture into in-house event streaming system.

In his spare time, Clark uses his technical experience in theatre as a volunteer and has previously provided technical assistance for sound, video and comms at Make A Difference Trust events.

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