• Young Vic, London
  • Young Vic, London
  • Young Vic, London
  • Young Vic, London
  • Foyer and terrace at night (image credit: Philip Vile)
  • Auditorium in-the-round format (image credit: Philip Vile)
  • Auditorium diagonal traverse format (image credit: Philip Vile)
  • Exterior and street (image credit: Philip Vile)

...innovative and thrifty technical design and theatre planning

Young Vic Theatre


Project summary


The Young Vic Theatre was built as a temporary structure in 1970 for the National Theatre Board with an expected lifespan of 6 years. Thirty years later it has been refurbished and extended by Haworth Tompkins architects.


Charcoalblue was the lead technical consultants from the beginning of the project, designing the stagelighting, audiovisual systems, and stage engineering systems. Our work led to the development, with the Young Vic’s technical staff, of an innovative adaptable "Egg Crate Grid" solution for the over-stage access and rigging. Sections of the grid can be installed in different positions or removed entirely to maximise the flexibility of the space. Charcoalblue oversaw the installation of the works on site in collaboration with Theatre Projects Consultants 


- Civic Trust Award 2008 - Haworth Tompkins

- Chicago Athenaeum, International Architectural Award 2008 - Haworth Tompkins

- RIBA Regional Award 2007- Haworth Tompkins

- RIBA London Building of the Year 2007 - Haworth Tompkins

- USITT Merit Awards 2007

- LEAF Public Building of the Year Award 2007 - Haworth Tompkins