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  • The Rotondes, Luxembourg (image: Jessica Theis)
  • The Rotondes, Luxembourg (image: Jessica Theis)

Bringing a historic monument into the 21st century



Project summary


Charcoalblue collaborated with CarréRotondes and Teisen-Giesler Architectes to create an exciting new performance space within Rotonde 1, Luxembourg City. Small retractable seating units provide a flexibile solution for 320 spectators for a variety of events including concerts, children shows and art installations. Trusses overhead, suspended from electric chain hoists offer flexible rigging positions for a wide range of events.


The Rotonde’s status as a National Monument means that strengthening work to the roof structure was restricted. Therefore the new truss was designed to include electric chain hoists, which offer flexible rigging positions, maximising the weight of equipment able to be rigged within this 140 year old structure.