• ICC, Birmingham
  • ICC exhibition space lighting (image credit: ICC)

...bringing 21st-century technology to a 20th-century conference facility

ICC Birmingham


Project summary


The International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham opened in 1991, and is the UK's premier purpose-built convention centre. It has a total capacity of 8,000, with the largest hall accommodating 3,000 delegates or providing 3,050m2 of exhibition space. The complex also includes Birmingham Symphony Hall, regarded as one of the finest concert halls in the world. Acoustically perfect, it can accommodate up to 2,000 people and stages a wide variety of major events.


At the time that the ICC opened, its lighting control systems combined the very latest in performance technology with unrivalled functionality. Twenty-two years later, the ICC has now upgraded the lighting control systems to equip the complex for the next twenty years.


Charcoalblue provided technical design guidance to the ICC on the replacement of the lighting control systems throughout the complex, including Symphony Hall. Charcoalblue worked with the ICC to manage the installation work over two consecutive summer quiet periods, minimising the disruption to the ICC's operations and reducing loss of income as a result of the works. Following the latest installation period in August 2013, all eleven Halls are now operating with new control systems.


Charcoalblue's designs incorporate the best and most appropriate of available technologies, to ensure that the installation will still be meeting the operational needs of the ICC in another twenty years' time