• Wells Cathedral School
  • Section visualisation of concert hall (image credit: Eric Parry Architects)

...a sensitive new music facility in a historic setting

Wells Cathedral School


Project summary


The Cedars Hall at Wells Cathedral School will contain a recital hall and inter-connected flexible spaces for teaching, rehearsing, performing and recording. The stage, seating and acoustic wall panels within the hall can be adapted for various layouts with differing acoustic qualities suitable for a range of music styles and audience configurations. Exposed structural beams in the roof will further enhance the acoustic performance of the space.


Charcoalblue is providing guidance on the planning of the recital space, including alternative seating configurations, staging platform options, design of stagelighting and audiovisual systems, stage engineering for equipment suspension in the space, work at height considerations, backstage planning, get-in and technical access, structural, mechanical and electrical implications and provisional technical equipment costs.