• St. George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth

  • St. George’s, Bristol
  • St. George’s, Bristol
  • St. George’s, Bristol
  • Senior Consultant Ian Stickland and Acoustic Consultant Vangelis Koufoudakis conducting acoustic tests (Image Credit: St George's, Bristol)
  • Exterior of St George's, Bristol (Image Credit: Philip Vile)
  • Interior from stage (Image Credit: Philip Vile)
  • Interior view of St George's (Image Credit: Philip Vile)

Acoustic performance at its finest

St George's - Bristol


Project summary


Designed in the Greek Revival style by architect Robert Smirke in the 1820s, St George’s was a parish church for the local congregation. Facing redundancy in 1976, it was rescued by St George’s Music Trust, who have staged an impressive array of live music, and taken the building through several redevelopments.


The project will see the construction of a new extension to the existing Grade II* St George’s Church, improving and extending the core facilities of the venue which already hosts some two-hundred live music events each year. The extension will comprise a new entrance foyer, contemporary café and bar facilities, workshop and educational spaces. The development will also deliver a remodelling of the backstage facilities, while areas of the existing church building will also be refurbished.


Charcoalblue are part of a Patel Taylor led design team, advising on acoustic design. The project is due to complete in 2017.