Peter Ruthven Hall


Peter provides consultancy in all aspects of theatre design, specialising in auditorium design, theatre planning, feasibility and briefing studies, seating system design, theatre sightlines and accessibility.


Peter trained as an architect at Bristol University and Oxford Brookes University then spent 18 years as a successful set and costume designer, working in theatre and opera before turning to theatre consultancy.


Peter has gained a reputation as a skilful auditorium designer creating both new spaces and reimagining existing ones. Current projects include the Old Vic, London, the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre and the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow. Completed projects include the re-planned auditorium of the thrust stage for the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield and the Crucible Studio, the redevelopment of the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness and the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. He has created a number of intimate flexible spaces, including new theatres for Alleyn’s School in Dulwich and the Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre.


He is recognised for his extensive contribution to the Society of British Theatre Designers as well as his three books on British design. Through contact with other designers around the world, he has assembled exhibitions and made presentations at many conferences. He was instrumental in winning the Golden Triga for Great Britain for the third time at the International Prague Quadrennial in 2003.


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