Tina Torbey

Tina is a Consultant based in our London studio.


Tina studied Architecture in ALBA-Beirut, graduating top of her class in 2013, earning the Order of Engineers and Architects award and the Samir Mokbel award for excellence in architectural design. She also played the Piano at the Music Conservatoire of Beirut and graduated with honours in 2012.


While working in architecture, she has rehearsed and performed in the chorus of musical theatre and opera on Beirut's main stages. It is where her passion for performing arts grew beyond architecture and performance and where she decided to combine both into one.


In 2015, she enrolled in the MA Design for Perfrmance course at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where she designed the set for 'Cabaret', working with the director Paul Kerryson. 'Cabaret' won the Set Design Silver Award at the World Stage Design - WSD 2017 in Taipei.


Charcoalblue CV - Tina Torbey